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English to Arabic Translation Dubai
Al Etqan Legal Translation Services is a leading UAE-based provider of translation, linguistic and content services in Arabic as well as major world languages.

Al Etqan Legal Translation Services prides itself on the quality of its Arabic-English and English-Arabic translation, drawing on the expertise of highly qualified linguists who translate into their mother tongues. It also provides translation services in other western and eastern languages like French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Urdu, Persian, etc.

Our team of professional linguists and writers are always ready to go that extra mile to meet your deadline and give you top service quality.

Welcome then to Al Etqan Legal Translation Services, your reliable partner whatever and wherever you are.

Al Etqan Legal Translation Services was established in 2009, but today it is considered one of the fast growing and pioneering providers of linguistic and content services all over UAE.

Delivery & Rates

Our prices won't leave you speechless!

We are so sure that you will be pleased with our service. We aim to keep our prices competitive so that translation becomes affordable for individuals and small business as well as the larger corporations Diamond Legal Translation offers the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Our pricing for translation projects is determined by the following factors:

Our Vision

The legal translation is one of the most challenging areas of specialization. Not only does it require professional skills but also sharply accurate expertise. That the translation of legal texts is difficult may be attributed to the fact that it deals with two separate legal systems. This legal text is usually filled with such many national and legal terms that the translator, consequently, resorts to utilizing the appropriate search skills and legal mind to find the suitable legal equivalent corresponding with both the target language and source language.

To this end, the Office of Al Etqan Legal Translation Services is individually characterized with diligent searching and looking for the roots of the legal term and how such term is used within the legal sentence so that it is apart from being unfamiliar or unusual to the general context of the source language of target language. Further to that, the office has a long legal experience of searching and editing the legal texts of the documents in the target language and source language alike.

Quality Assurance

Al Etqan Legal Translation Services adopts a comprehensive QA policy. Our high linguistic standards ensure that common mistakes and poor stylistic expressions are avoided. We employ sound classical Arabic that is clearly understood throughout the Arab world.

Great care is taken in the selection of our translators and interpreters. We choose only the best of the best. Translation credentials are scrutinized, and performance, experience and references are checked prior to employment.

When starting a project, we take into consideration not only the academic achievements and linguistic skills of our translators, but also their relevant technical and specialized knowledge. We match their expertise with your requirements.

We stand behind every translated document that we produce. We welcome and encourage feedback from our clients on our performance.