Confidentiality Policy

We, at Al Etqan Legal Translation Services, treat our clients’ secrets as if they were our own. We believe that observing a high confidentiality policy is in fact an essential component of our success that should not be compromised in any way. When we hire our staff, we make them sign our Internal Policy, which clearly stresses the paramount importance of treating our clients’ documents with utmost confidentiality. Our Internal Policy makes it very clear that any failure in this respect would be enough reason to terminate the contract of the person concerned and initiate legal action against him or her.

None of your documents or information shall be given to third parties unless Al Etqan Legal Translation Services is so required by a court of law

Upon the client request, Al Etqan Legal Translation Services agrees to delete all documents and data belonging to the said client. Otherwise, we usually save our clients’ documents for one year in case they need to review them or to have copies, amendments, etc.

We encourage our clients to advise us as to their preferences in terms of managing their documents. Otherwise, Al Etqan Legal Translation Services default policy shall be applicable, always in great respect for the confidentiality of clients’ documents and data.